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Lambda Emulator Spacer

Lambda Emulator Spacer


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Created to excel on the street, Strada Spec range was created by TMC Motorsport and Pista Performance to offer affordable performance and visual solutions for everyday use.


Lambda Fooler Spacer for use with any sports cat or Catless Downpipe. The spacer is designed to move the lambda sensor after the catalytic converter away from the flow of exhaust gases when a car has a sports cat or Decat to keep the engine light off.

It can also be used in some applications to move the lambda sensor away if it’s touching something and the space is there to fit and use this.

The measurements are:

Height when fitted: 45mm

Total height without fitting: 50mm

Length: 45mm M18 x 1.5mm thread.

We cannot guarantee this will work on every vehicle as each one can be completely different.

These are made only in 304 grade stainless as the steel ones are known for rusting and looking a mess as well as being difficult to remove after a few years.

There are many really bad ones on here that don’t actually work with the hole being too big that the gases flow through. These are really great. This can be fitted at any angle depending on where it sits better when installed.

Any questions about fitting to vehicles please ask.

Please Contact Us For Stock Availability.

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